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IV Therapy Services in Calgary NW

Who is it for?

Our therapeutic IV infusions are specially formulated to provide essential nutrients for your body's restorative health. Patients report noticing more energy, a stronger immune system, and an increase in mental clarity. Some of the most common conditions treated with IV therapy are headaches, pain, fatigue, slow healing, post-surgery recovery, detoxification, anxiety, and dehydration.

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IV Therapy

What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) Therapy provides the most direct way to deliver nutrients to your system. First created to treat fatigue, fibromyalgia, and headaches in the 1950's, today it's used widely in hospitals to deliver B12, Vitamin C and other nutrients to improve nutrition and aid healing in patients. Its speed and safety have led to a huge increase in popularity of this treatment among athletes and celebrities aiming to achieve optimal health.

How is it different?

IV Therapy bypasses the digestive tract to ensure a 100% absorption of nutrients. For example, Vitamin C delivered through an IV infusion is absorbed 20 times more than if it were taken orally. Certain vitamins and minerals can compete with each other for absorption when taken orally, and there is also an upper limitation of nutrient absorption in the gut. IV therapy is able to overcome these challenges and deliver highly concentrated and potent nutrients which lead to faster recovery and improved performance.

Not all IVs are the same. The IV infusion at ProHealth focuses on the quality and concentration of each active ingredient so you always know what you are putting into your body. Following an initial consultation our IV infusions are customized and freshly created in front of your eyes in a sterile and safe environment. Our special formulas are uniquely designed based on years of medical training and research, so the ingredients are strategically selected creating the right combination and concentration to work synergistically to achieve your health goals. All IV infusions are safely administered by a licensed Naturopathic doctor.