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Who is it for?

Whether you have an acute or chronic sport injury or a daily walking problem, orthotics can help to restore alignment and relieve muscle tension. Orthotics are also used to improve running or walking efficiency and to prevent over-use injury.

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What is an Orthotic?

An orthotic is a custom-made medical appliance that fits directly into footwear to improve alignment and posture. By changing the forces acting upon the foot, an orthotic acts to relieve pain and improve efficiency of movement. They can be made of hard plastic or soft foam, and fit into a variety of shoes including skates, sports shoes and protective footwear.

How is it different?

An orthotic can help you by correcting how your feet come into contact with the ground, which alters the way in which the downward pressure of your body is distributed around your feet and ankles. This can relieve strain on your body, reducing pain and fixing poor posture. Our chiropractors are equipped to carry out a full medical examination to determine whether or not a foot orthotic is advised.